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Our Gasthaus offers menus typical to this region. Our food is  cooked in a traditional way with local ingredients, without atificial flavour enhancers.

We are able to accomodate groups for up to 70 people in our largest room or 120 people in our beer garden.

Bus driver or tour guide eat for free (2 free meals per 30 guests)

We serve free tap water on request.

Children from age 6-12 years eat for half price.

The menu can be paid for by bank card or via bank transfer within 10 days.

Buses can be parked 5 walking minutes from the restaurant.

Requested live music entertainment must be booked and payed for in advance.

Our tip – the tapas menu

If you would like to offer your guests a special experience, we recommend a tapas menu. You are looking for your favorite tapas in advance, we serve them in bowls at the table. Every guest has a plate in front of you, the tapas you can share so wonderfully.Comparable to the size of a classic three-course meal would be, for example, the following number of tapas per person:
starter – soup and cold tapas 1-2
main course – 3 hot tapas and 1/2 Supplement
Dessert – two sweet tapas

To have more choices, you can also choose more tapas. So you do not have to eat too much, we simply cut the amount of each tapas. In sum, you have the same amount, just from each tapa something less.

Below you can find some menu suggestions. For special requests please contact Sascha Halweg on